This is Me!

Hello…my name is Pip Lewer and I live in New Zealand.

‘Tin Whistle Crafts’ is in memory of my father, Milton.  He had a quirky sense of humour and loved nonsense poems and ditties.  One of his favourites was “The Tin Whistle”.

Say it aloud…

I bought a wooden whistle…but it wooden whistle.

I bought a steel whistle…it steel wouldn’t whistle.

I bought a tin whistle…and now I tin whistle.

What this ditty means to me is that sometimes you just have to wait till you find something you love doing and are passionate about.  Cardmaking has become my ‘tin whistle’.  I have dabbled in many handcrafts over the years until I came across cardmaking midway through 2015 and it became my creative outlet.  Apart from making cards for family and friends I decided I would like to benefit others from sales of my cards.

Since February 2017 I have been supporting Arohanui Hospice in Palmerston North,  by donating my cards.  These are for sale at the hospice reception.

I also wanted to support a second charity from the sale of cards directly from this website.  I selected the Malaghan Institute which is located in Wellington, New Zealand. This is a world class cancer research facility.  If you click on the logo below you will be taken to their website for more information.


100% of proceeds from sales are donated to each charity.

So maybe you would like to purchase a card or two and help me to support worthy charities.


A big thank you to my brother, Paul, who came up with the name ‘Tin Whistle’ and my talented daughter, Teagan, who designed my logo.  Also big thanks to my family who have encouraged me in my cardmaking.